[263] Kerkoff – Djer Kiss


5 x 5 cm

France / The U.S.A.

Pat’d 5-19-25


IMG_8765 IMG_8767



Djer Kiss (pronounced as “Dear Kiss”) was one of the most successful and famous product line by Kerkoff, a French parfumerie established in the early 1900s. Their products were extensively marketed in the US by The Alfred H Smith Company (an importer of toilet articles, est. 1890s), who was mainly responsible for the packaging. The early design of the compact of Djer Kiss was nothing interesting with the logo type on top of a small brass case.

1914 3 VFb DSCN0389

In 1925, there was a major shift in the design and the highly collectable “Kissing Fairies” compact was released. The case was made to hold both rouge and powder, and on top there’s a shallow relief illustrating a couple of fairies kissing each other. The compact was sliver plated. The new design of the case was created by modifying the already patented one (in 1923) by a Polish immigrant named Simon Jaroslawski (a perfumer whose brand name was ‘Fioret’), while the “Kissing Fairies” top came from the image by the Hungarian artist Willy Pogany (1882-1955).

US1506589-0 poganytin9

See detailed story of Djer Kiss at “The History of Djer-Kiss – A fairy tale Madison Avenue would be proud of”, 



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