[260] Pias – Pias Cream Bel


∅ 5.5 cm (top), ∅ 3.9 (bottom) x 4.2 cm


IMG_8505 IMG_8506


Pias cosmetics was a line of Sanko Kako Co.Ltd. which established in 1947, later the company renamed as Pias Co.Ltd in 1950. Bel cream is an early product of Pias Co.Ltd in the 50s. for detailed history of Pias, visit their website at https://www.pias.co.jp/en/corporation/history_1.html.

For reference:

Advertisement of Pias Cream Bel,  Fujin Seikatu (婦人生活), Doushisha Co.Ltd(同志社株式会社), September 1956.

1956_Pias belu cream_a


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