[212] La-May Sport Vanity


∅ 6.2 cm

The U.S.A.

Pat. Pending


IMG_8197 IMG_8193


At the back of the compact, it reads ” La-May Sport Vanity” and  “Poudre L’Amé”. The seemingly French word “L’Amé”  in fact does not have English translation. One explanation said that he meant it to mean ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’ which is the word “L’âme” in French. “L’Amé” and “La May” were equivalent in sound  and Herbert Roystone, the producer, used these two words almost interchangeably on his packaging, as French brand names appeared more attractive to customers in the early 20th century cosmetic market in the U.S.A.

See more at La May Cosmetics – the Soul of William Herbert Roystone by Compactstory: http://collectingvintagecompacts.blogspot.hk/2011/02/la-may-soul-of-william-herbert-roystone.html .


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